2021 and beyond...

While we appreciate we live in a world of constant information transfer and social media we do consider client confidentiality of great importance and feel it is not our place to brag or divulge our on going projects - however trust us when we say we are very busy!

The picture selection opposite gives a flavour of some of our projects, and we'll try to update but in honesty we simply don't have the time as we put our customers needs and wants first.

If however you would like to see proofs or examples of specific things such as a farm sign, magazine or logo ahead of asking for a quote then please get in touch.

Sarah Liddle

Owner of The Farm Organisation

June 2021

Portfolio- merely a taster !

showtime 2017

Showtime catalogues, including all prodcution and design

dawlicious milk logo
Logo creation for Dawlicious milk and ice cream
Used in leaflets and marketing material

baddington jerseys

Design and production of signage
Bespoke, durable and eye catching

vinyl banner

Vinyl banners - create a clear message
For pedigree stock to market stalls

jig pop up
Pop up banners - an easy means by which to spread your theme and message far and wide

tfo traybakes

food feast

Food to 'Whet your appetite'

ukjt issue 11

Need a magazine or publication in its entirety-
Look no further!